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Below is a list of our Courses – Locations, Dates and Fees


Droim Rí, Co Meath. Dates for Summer 2023 Coming soon TBC
Gaoth Dobhair, Donegal. Dates for Summer 2023 Coming soon TBC
Ros Muc, Connemara, Co. Galway. Dates for Summer 2023 Coming soon TBC
Ráth Chairn, Co Meath. Dates for Summer 2023 Coming soon TBC

General Information

The courses provided by Coláiste na bhFiann are suited to Irish speakers of all levels, from beginners to those with a good competency. All of our courses have a high level of supervision and have an experienced team of teachers and leaders working together running the course, led by a Course Manager.  Building on the basics of Irish learned within the traditional schools’ structure, Coláiste na bhFiann has developed a formula that has successfully helped generations of young people to enjoy using and improving their Irish language skills. Our courses are categorised by Course A and Course B. It is important to choose the course most suitable to the student and preferably not by the location. These courses are designed to improve the young person’s command of the language in a structured yet friendly atmosphere. Coláiste na bhFiann runs courses in a number of different centres over the months of June, July and August. These include courses in Gaeltacht areas and also courses at our HQ in Droim Rí in Co Meath. Please note the ages relating to each course below before booking. All new students to A and B will attend an information session in the coming months and afterwards it will be possible to opt out with a refund if you so wish

Which course suits best?

For a student attending Coláiste na bhFiann for the first time, it is important to choose the most suitable course. Whereas you may want your child to go with a friend, we don’t encourage it as they will find it difficult to speak Irish to each other and therefore they will lose the benefits of total immersion. We  also ask parents to avoid organising groups of students going together, as again, from experience, some of them will speak English, making it difficult for those who want to speak Irish. Using music, sport, drama, art, dance, etc. Coláiste na bhFiann courses provide students the opportunity to follow their own specific interests through the medium of Irish. This in turn changes the whole image of the language, taking it out of the classroom and making it a living language. 

Course A and Course B

Course A – Rosmuc Course A is a 3-week course in the Rosmuc Gaeltacht, for those with a good level of Irish wishing to enhance their language skills further. It is strongly recommended that students wishing to attend Course A, have already attended Course B on at least one occasion. The language rule of this course is outlined below. Students attending on their own benefit greatly from their experience as sometimes friends attending with them tend to hold them back.  Course B – Ráth Chairn, Gaoth Dobhair and Droim Rí There is a choice of 2 or 3 week residential course which are aimed at those with less fluency in Irish than those attending Course A. This course is definitely where all students start out, but it is important to note that students are assessed regularly during the course, to ensure that they are working to their ability. Many returning students prefer the more relaxed atmosphere of a B course and sometimes choose not to attend an A course. Irish is spoken at all times on our B Courses.

Brief description of our locations and ages

Rule regarding speaking English applicable on our A Course;

Students who speak one complete sentence in English, for whatever reason, must leave the course and there will be no refund of fee. (This rule is enforced from the time the student arrives on the course.)

Ros Muc – Course A (2nd – 6th Year Secondary School) This Gaeltacht is located in Connemara, 35 miles from Galway. Students stay in Irish speaking family homes in beautiful surroundings. This course is particularly aimed at those who have already attended a Course B, or  have a good competency in the language.

Below are the B Courses and the rule regarding speaking English applicable on each one;

If a student accidentally speaks English, she/he will be reprimanded and warned.  If such an incident is repeated, parents will be notified and encouraged to speak to their child.  If she/he speaks English again, we will have no option but to send the student home.  However, deliberate speaking of English will not be tolerated on Course B and any student found doing so must leave the course without warning and with no fee refund. (These rules are enforced from the time the student arrives on the course.) 

Ráth Chairn – Course B (Secondary School) The Gaeltacht of county Meath is situated in Ráth Chairn, just outside Athboy. In this area, students stay with Irish speaking families in their homes. These families have been providing accommodation for us for many years. The homes are all located close to the college where classes, sports and evening activities take place.




Droim Rí – Course B (Secondary School). This College is situated in our HQ in Ionad Óige na hÉireann, Droim Rí, Co. Meath. This is an all Irish youth centre all year round, and during the summer months, it is the location for a variety of 2 week courses.

Droim Rí Óg – Course B (4th – 6th Class). This College is situated in our HQ in Ionad Óige na hÉireann, Droim Rí, Co. Meath. Along with courses for teenagers in Droim Rí, there are also 2 week courses ‘Droim Rí Óg’ which are for the 10-13 age group.



Gaoth Dobhair – Course B (Secondary School) This Course is located in the Gaeltacht of Gaoth Dobhair, Co. Donegal. This is a lovely area which is overlooked by Errigal mountain and also close to many beautiful beaches. Students stay in family homes with a leader in each house and Coláiste na bhFiann are in this area for several years now. The students travel by coach to and from the College centre each day.

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