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Coláiste na bhFiann’s staff are dedicated, committed and experienced in all aspects of their work, while cultivating a love of the Irish language.

Acadamh Cinnireachta

Coláiste na bhFiann has developed a leadership structure that is at the core of all the activities run by the organisation. The aim of the Acadamh Cinnireachta is to engage and inspire young people to maximize their potential to become successful and confident youth leaders. Young people are taught the importance of responsibility. This is integral in every young person’s personal development and adds further to their skills profile while placing emphasis on the value of the young person.

The Acadamh Cinnireachta provides a number of courses which focus on the following key leadership and life skills:

  • The role and responsibilities of the leader and the development of leadership skills
  • Mentoring on good decision making practices and achieving high standards
  • Guidance on Childcare Best Practice, working with young people and role playing Childcare Workshops
  • Guidance on Health & Safety Policies
  • Developing self-confidence and cultivating social & communicative skills
  • Developing and improving the fluency and accuracy of the Irish Language
  • Event and activity organisation
  • Teamwork skills


The Ardchinnire is in a senior leader position working on our courses and in our network of youth clubs. The Ardchinnire is 18 or over and has years of experience with the organisation. To be an Ardchinnire it is a prerequisite to attend training courses provided by the Acadamh Cinnireachta.

Cinnirí & Cúntóirí Cistine

The position of Cinnire and Cúntóir Cistine are that of a junior leader on our courses and in our network of youth clubs. Students who are interested in becoming a Cinnire or Cúntóir Cistine can obtain an application form for the following summer from ‘An Bainisteoir’ on the course. A prerequisite of being a Cinnire or Cúntóir Cistine is to attend a training course during the year while receiving weekly training in their local club. 

The skills learned at this stage can be invaluable to the young person. The role of Cinnire or Cúntóir Cistine encourages confidence, organisational skills, responsibility, teamwork, and, of course, a marked improvement in their grasp of the language.

Introduction to the Leadership structure

Students are introduced to the leadership structure on the course. The Bainisteoir does this by giving them certain responsibilities to carry out on a daily basis which help with the running of the course. It is an opportunity to give students recognition for efforts made.This introduces all students to the idea of working as part of a team and the importance of it for the effective running of the courses.


Fully qualified teachers work with the organisation on a temporary basis on our courses and in our network of youth clubs. They provide an integral role in the formal learning process in our services and provide invaluable support to course managers.    Application Form 

Mná Tí

The role of the Bean an Tí is to provide a ‘home away from home’, by preparing food and ensuring the safety and well-being of students in their care. The Bean an Tí will liaise with the Cinnire in the house, along with the Bainisteoir, and has a wealth of experience in caring for the young people who are staying at her home.



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